EAG Competitiveness Summary

The overall aim of this short report is to provide an update on the current work being undertaken under the auspices of the EAG around economic competitiveness.


Access to Finance Update

The EAG undertook a review of Access to Finance in March 2013, which had been extensively raised as a key issue facing local businesses at the time. The purpose of this report is to provide an update on the current situation around access to finance for SMEs in Northern Ireland. It considers progress against each of the 13 recommendations made in the EAG Report, along with a broader review of new evidence available in relation to both bank finance and other types of finance for early stage and growth businesses.


EAG Annual Report 2012-2013

This document is the EAG's annual report on the Northern Ireland economy. The report includes the summary findings of the Group's analysis into access to finance for businesses in Northern Ireland.


Competitiveness Index for Northern Ireland

This report presents a Competitiveness Index to provide base case information on the Northern Ireland economy. It examines the methodological and process issues that have arisen and how these have been addressed and gives the results of the index 2012/13 with analysis and interpretation.


EAG Annual Report 2011

This report presents an insight into the Northern Ireland economy from the Group’s perspective, provides a synopsis of the work programme that the EAG has fulfilled over the previous year and an indication of the work programme that the Group intends pursuing in the current year and beyond.