The Competitiveness Scorecard benchmarks NI’s competitiveness relative to a range of European and OECD countries over the most recent five-year period across more than 150 indicators. The methodology employed is based on the National Competitiveness Council’s competitiveness scorecard that is used in the Republic of Ireland, with some revisions to take account of NI specific factors, including an NI perspective, a sectoral consideration and a more in-depth assessment of quality of life indicators in line with global competitiveness research.

NI’s competitiveness performance has improved slightly over the last 5 years, but remains below average for the countries analysed in the Competitiveness Scorecard. The results of the Competitiveness Scorecard provide an indication of the scale of the challenge facing NI across a large range of indicators. If NI is to deliver upon the economic aspirations in the Programme for Government and the Economic Strategy, NI must play to its relative strengths and improve performance in a number of areas.

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