The overall aim of this short report is to provide an update on the current work being undertaken under the auspices of the EAG around economic competitiveness. The EAG will use the Scorecard to inform its future work programme. Meanwhile the provisional outputs of the UUEPC Competitiveness Scorecard have been shared within government at a time when priorities for a new Programme for Government are being considered.

At the core of the report is a summary of the work carried out by UUEPC in developing a Competitiveness Scorecard for NI. The report also provides links to the detailed work carried out under each of 11 Pillars, as identified at page ii. The report then goes on to set out EAG’s views as to the key messages emerging from the Scorecard, along with an indication of the likely next steps.

This report is structured as follows:

  • A short overview of the Methodology, which has its origins in the RoI’s NationalCompetitiveness Council’s (NCC) Scorecard.
  • Scorecard results in summary form for each of 11 Pillars, grouped under three headings:Sustainable Growth, Essential Conditions and Policy Inputs.
  • A summary of the key messages around competitiveness that emerge from the analysiscontained within the Scorecard and next steps.

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