Economic Advisory Group meets economic stakeholders

//Economic Advisory Group meets economic stakeholders

The Economic Advisory Group yesterday met representatives of businesses, local enterprise agencies, tourism, the voluntary sector, trades unions, further education and local government.

This was to hear their views on the Group’s work to date and what more it can do to provide effective advice to the Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Investment, and to the Executive as a whole, on improving the performance of the Northern Ireland economy.

Speaking after the meeting, the Group’s Chair, Kate Barker, said: “It has been extremely useful to hear the views of such a wide range of interests. It is particularly encouraging that there is considerable consensus on the nature of the economic problems facing Northern Ireland and what needs to be done to tackle them.

“One message that came through loud and clear was the need to prioritise effective action above further analysis.

“A number of those present underlined the importance of having in place as soon as possible a Programme for Government and Economic Strategy setting out the Executive’s intended route forward. “How to assist the Northern Ireland Executive deliver the actions necessary to weather the recession and lay the foundations for sustainable growth and prosperity will be the principal challenge for the EAG as we enter our second year.”

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